Silver lining…

Losing some of my vision hasn’t been all bad. Frustrating – yes. Whilst I haven’t been able to see critically enough to focus I have been playing with different techniques that reveal what I saw, albeit not necessarily in the traditional photographic style.


This feels like a letter to Grandpa, “Dear Grandpa, I’m sorry It’s taken me so long to thank you for…”

I’m just not a very good blogger. I have the best intentions – I like the concept but fall down with the execution. Such a familiar tune in my life.

I do have some valid excuses. More hospital stays and surgery. Also a problem with my right eye which has necessitated regular injections, I currently have quite impaired vision with that eye. I’m grateful that the other one is fine and is the one I use to take photos.

Instagram is my primary diary and anyone following me will know about cycling in New Zealand, a couple of trips to our beloved Cradle Mountain and Victoria.

We had planned to meet our friends Matt and Sally, who are cruising the Pacific Ocean, in Tonga this month but my health prevented that. Hopefully we will catch them in Vanuatu later in the year.

My new studio is almost completed and can be partially seen on the left side of the photo below. 270 degree views of Mt Wellington, the Derwent, Frederick Henry Bay and loads of sun.