This feels like a letter to Grandpa, “Dear Grandpa, I’m sorry It’s taken me so long to thank you for…”

I’m just not a very good blogger. I have the best intentions – I like the concept but fall down with the execution. Such a familiar tune in my life.

I do have some valid excuses. More hospital stays and surgery. Also a problem with my right eye which has necessitated regular injections, I currently have quite impaired vision with that eye. I’m grateful that the other one is fine and is the one I use to take photos.

Instagram is my primary diary and anyone following me will know about cycling in New Zealand, a couple of trips to our beloved Cradle Mountain and Victoria.

We had planned to meet our friends Matt and Sally, who are cruising the Pacific Ocean, in Tonga this month but my health prevented that. Hopefully we will catch them in Vanuatu later in the year.

My new studio is almost completed and can be partially seen on the left side of the photo below. 270 degree views of Mt Wellington, the Derwent, Frederick Henry Bay and loads of sun.

By Ian Jeanneret

Photography has been a constant throughout my life. Sometimes moving to the fore and sometimes settling in the background. Either way it has always been there. At times I have worked as a professional photographer, other times simply styling myself as a freelance landscape and nature photographer. Al the while quietly aspiring to be an artist.


  1. Dear Ian,

    I trust that your one-eyed view of things won’t totally scew your view of the world, altogether. You have too much to lose if that happens.

    Intentions are all very well when you can think out the whys and wherefores of what you want. But that is not always the way things work out.

    You have my sympathy because 13.5 yrs ago I retired and 2 months later had an attack of polyarteritis nodosa which wipes your memory clean and leaves you without the whys and wherefores of what you want to think about. My neurologist tells me that I am now in remission but the memory is very strong of the year in between when I didn’t have a clue.

    I have only survived because of the help of Margot, my wife, Lucy our daughter (who is a medical specialist at Concord Hospital) and her family, and our two sons Bill, who is a vet who has resigned to work as a consultant to the Milk Factories in W Vic, and Mick who lives in Canberra and was a Pacific Historian who tossed it in to become a Financial Manager and whose kids live with their mother in Brisbane.

    Our new/old sandstone cottage

    L-R; Rob Redwin, Jeremy Redwin, me, Lucy Morgan, Mick, Harriet, Charley, Margot, Liv, Cameron.

    Imogen Morgan, who took the previous photo

    So, buck up old son and live the impudent life you’re so good at,



    1. Dear Frank,

      Thank you for your very kind letter. It was worth having a grizzle just to hear from you.

      I may be a little one-eyed but I am always an optimist. My wife and I had agreed we would have a go at keeping a blog. So far neither of us have done particularly well.

      Your story of your illness is incredible. I recall the first time the drug Medazalam (an amnesia producing drug) was used on me and it was surreal to have lost half an hour, let alone a whole year. I am glad to hear you are in remission.

      Aren’t we lucky to have loving families? Mine has been incredible, starting with my wife of almost 40 years. She has four siblings who love and care for me almost as much as she does. I have my own three siblings and my parents are alive so I count myself very fortunate. My wife is a GP so with my run of ill health (which proceeds my blog comments) she has been a real blessing. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed an active life of sailing, bushwalking and travelling but seem to have hit 60 and found I need a few replacement parts and an overhaul.

      I am bewildered by your son, the Pacific Historian, who threw it in to get involved in Finance. That seems back to front to me! I sailed across the Pacific a few years ago in a small yacht and I’d happily focus my energy there.

      Your photo didn’t show up. Would you mind sending it to me again at ian@straydogphotos.com

      I like impudent! I’ll give it my best shot.

      Best regards,

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