Ancestry of Ian & Cath Jeanneret

Welcome to the family history of Ian & Cath Jeanneret. With over 23,000 individuals mapped in our greater tree this is indeed a tangled web. We have attempted to stay within reasonable limits but every now and then a curious set of events will trigger a digression. Those digressions are often quite exciting.

Both of us have a long history in Tasmania, Australia - a small island with a population of 500,000 and a history of European settlement dating back a mere 215 years. That history includes 1st and 2nd fleet convicts and free settlers. Many Tasmanians are related or connected somehow and it makes genealogy a delight when you can link so many individuals. Every effort is made to keep these records accurate but it will always be a work in progress and new information and facts are discovered every day.

Our primary families are Jeanneret, Dickson, MacGregor, Hull, Maxwell, Giblin, McPhillamy, Parker, Walker, Beale, Waite, Philp, Johnstone, Dyer & Chisholm.

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